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Primary Build

“We supply contractors around the globe with all building materials, using the most efficient & sustainable building process to date.”

Primary Build. Where innovation and efficiency meet Real Estate.

As the leading provider of highly customizable steel structure buildings and houses, Primary Build is a one stop shop for all your materials. We have centralized the supply chain of building materials - allowing you to focus exclusively on building. Our steel structures let you assemble the frame of the house up to 3x as fast and our up front delivery of all materials relieves the headache of delays, price fluctuations and sourcing issues. We supply contractors worldwide with the most efficient building process to date.

We believe in off site manufacturing.

Our steel structures are manufactured so that you can assemble them in less than 50% of the regular timber/concrete structure assembly time. The structure requires no welding and can be assembled by non-specialized labour. The accelerated building schedule along with the reduced reliance on skilled labour is a recipe to increase your profits!

Better Price.

Our sophisticated supply chain creates costs savings across our range of materials.

Better Design.

The strength of steel structures along with our wide range of material choices allow for gorgeous open floor plans.

Better Quality.

Our complex supply chain has allowed us to test many materials so that we only deliver the cream of the crop to our clients.

Better Experience.

We commit to assisting our clients across the life cycle of their project: from an idea to  a flourishing project.

Our Portfolio.

For over a decade, our company has been offering customizable homes using Light steel frame Systems to clients globally.

Our portfolio includes a range of structures such as luxury villas, townhouses, single and multi-family homes, apartments or commercial buildings. In all our projects, we supply all building materials from the steel structure to wall panels, flooring, electrical wiring, plumbing, windows, kitchen cabinets and islands, etc.